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Introducing Theo's Feast Academy

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The vision of Theo’s Feast Academy is to inspire and equip you to use our growing collection of recipes and stories to spark meaningful, spiritual conversations with your friends and neighbors.

Theo’s Feast was initially inspired by a unique encounter that I had while BBQing a Salmon in my back yard. I wasn’t thinking about spiritual matters, I was just enjoying preparing a meal for friends when the Lord spoke to my heart. “You are going to write a cookbook for me” he said.

I was startled, yet I recognized His voice and could not shake what he had said that day. However, since I was a busy University Chaplain and not a Chef by any means, I must admit, I didn’t get started on His Cook Book until I had at least two more nudges from the Holy Spirit followed by spending some time in prayer.

Was this really God’s idea? Why would God want me, an amateur home cook, to write a cookbook? This whole idea of God speaking in this way might be too much for you. I definitely questioned it my self. However, after spending some time in prayer about this, I started to see all the places in the Bible where God uses food to reveal himself.

Eating and drinking is one of the central themes in the Bible. It’s also central to being human. Most of Jesus ministry was conducted over a meal. Jesus kicked off his ministry at a wedding feast by turning water into wine. He then claimed that He was the bread of life and that he is the only bread that can give eternal life.

After a long process of developing a collection of recipes that uniquely communicated the main message of the Bible, we hosted our very first Theo’s Feast on for a group of university students on March 1st, 2014. It was a big step of faith. However we were very encouraged by our guests enthusiastic response.

We have since hosted over 2000 dinner guests. We have developed 6 themes with over 50 recipes and stories that inspire meaningful conversations and uniquely communicate the gospel.

We are excited to share these recipes and stories with you through Theo’s Feast Academy.

The vision of Theo’s Feast Academy is to inspire Christian home cooks (just like me) to use our recipe and stories to inspire meaningful, spiritual conversations with your friends.

Theo’s Feast Academy subscribers will have an all-access pass to the following:

  • Our new video series, and the corresponding recipes, presenters guide and related resources. Go to to see a preview of our recipe video series.

  • Monthly new Theo's Feast Academy online cooking classes, recipes and their corresponding stories. All of our resources are designed to inspire gospel centered conversations with your friends. They also help you become a great cook!

  • Monthly mentorship. Our goal is to help you successfully reach your community by sharing the gospel through shared meals. We are happy to offer as much personal mentorship as you need to host your own successful Feasts.

  • Discounts on public feasts and resources such as Miracle Berries in our online store.

  • Your monlthy membership will help Theo’s Feast become sustainable. As full-time missionaries with Power to Change, we trust God to provide our needs through donors like you. Subscribing to Theo’s Feast Academy will allow us continue to create more exciting cooking classes, recipes and resources that will help you not only become a better cook , but an effective messenger of God's love and grace.

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining Theo’s Feast Academy. Please click on the Plans link above.


Gary Stevenson

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