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Theo’s Feast is inspired by the word Theophany, which is defined as a physical manifestation of God, tangible to the human senses. A Biblical example of this is when God spoke to Moses through the burning bush. Our hope and prayer is that our dinner guests will have their own personal theophany as they experience the gospel through all of their senses.


Our first Theo’s Feast was on March 1, 2014. A group of university students at Simon Fraser University were looking for a fun way to share the gospel with their friends. After hearing that Gary, a chaplain at the university, was working on a new concept focused on sharing the gospel over a gourmet meal, they invited Gary to explain the concept of Theo’s Feast to them. The students were very excited about Gary’s vision and invited 40 friends to a Feast through personal handmade invitations. Everyone was amazed as the first event sold out and had a waiting list within a few days.


We have now developed 5 exciting themes and have hosted over 1000 dinner guests in a variety of cities including Vancouver, Orlando, and Toronto.

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