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inspired by Jesus’ model of sharing His Kingdom truth’s over intimate meals, Theo’s Feast is an innovative outreach that ignites deep spiritual conversations through creative edible metaphors, giving dinner guests a unique opportunity to experience the gospel with all of their senses.

The creative team of culinary artists and chefs behind Theo’s Feast have created a growing collection of dishes that uniquely communicate the gospel through the presentation and flavours of the food. Each dish is paired with a Biblically based narrative that sparks significant gospel centred conversations. Whether it’s Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, Jesus being the bread of life, or the book of Revelation’s Wedding Feast of the Lamb, Biblical narratives consistently use food and eating in metaphors that teach us timeless Biblical truths.


What people are saying about Theo’s Feast

"It was simply amazing. I was so touched. I never knew that food could be related to such spiritual matters."

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