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WHAt to expect when you attend a theo's feast


Your experience with Theo’s Feast begins the moment you walk into the room.  You will notice the space has been creatively decorated to match the theme that has been chosen by your Host.  Some of the Theo’s Feast themes include Christmas, Easter, Rock N Roll, and Science.  Your Host will welcome everyone and provide an overview of the evening. The creative team of culinary artists will then begin to display their masterpieces, as the first of several dishes arrives at your table.  You will be amazed at how the plate that is set in front of you becomes an edible metaphor as the storyteller makes the dish come alive with meaning and challenges you to think about what you are tasting. Every dish tells a story and everyone at your table shares their experience with one another in an unhurried atmosphere.  The conversations at your table will be centred on the meaning of life, the story of humanity and the exploration of God from a Christian point of view.  


Our goal is to set the table for you to have spiritual conversations with your friends.  Your host creates the environment, we give you something to talk about, and you control the conversation at your table.  It’s an experience with food you will never forget and a story you can talk about with your friends for weeks after the event.  We want you leaving Theo’s Feast with good news in your heart and a good taste in your mouth.

What people are saying about Theo’s Feast

"It was simply amazing. I was so touched. I never knew that food could be related to such spiritual matters."

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