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A problem worth solving

As Christ followers, the hardest part of sharing our faith can often be just getting the conversation started. Theo’s Feast is an exciting step forward in inspiring fruitful gospel centred conversations.

Since our first Theo’s Feast in March 2014, we have developed 5 themes and hosted over 1000 dinner guests in a variety of cities including Vancouver, Orlando, and Toronto. We recently put on a feast for a church in Hamilton, Ontario in July, and were very encouraged by their response. Their outreach committee and board of elders all voted unanimously to adopt Theo’s Feast as their main outreach initiative for their church, boldly proclaiming that “Theo’s Feast is the future of evangelism for the church in Canada!”


Mr McPhisto's Hot Lemon Tonic

U2 – Feast

As more groups are beginning to partner with us and host their own Theo’s Feast, the logical next step is to create a video series to make Theo’s Feast more accessible and duplicatable. This will happen through a three part video series:


  1. The Message: We will capture the message and inspiration behind each dish, starting with the dishes from our original feast. A significant component to the magic of a Theo’s Feast is hearing the story behind each dish and how the various elements connect to God’s story. It’s always exciting to see how our guests react to each dish as they literally eat their way through the gospel. With this new video series, a host will no longer need to introduce every part of the meal, but can simply download and play the intro videos for their guests on their personal TV or multimedia device.

  2. Recipe Videos: Simple, step by step recipe videos teaching hosts how to cook our unique dishes. We are confident that anyone who has a basic understanding of cooking can put on a Theo’s Feast for their friends. These recipe videos will show hosts everything they need to know to blow their guests away with our conversation inspiring dishes.

  3. Theo’s Feast: The Gospel Made Edible. A Chef’s Table (Netflix) inspired documentary that will share the backstory and overall vision of Theo’s Feast. This high quality film will be used to spread the vision of Theo’s Feast and inspire Christians to host their own Feasts.

A Touch of Grace.jpg

A Taste of Grace

Sour Cherry Panna Cotta

Your donation will make a direct impact as we seek to raise $27,000 to fund this exciting new video series that will give Christians everywhere the opportunity to host their own Theo’s Feast in their home, church, or community group.


Our desire is to give all of our partners an opportunity to literally “Taste and See” what God is doing through Theo’s Feast by offering the following incentives:


All partners will receive a tax receipt, a personal thank you card, and a link to a digital download of our upcoming documentary Theos’ Feast: The Gospel Made Edible upon the completion of the film. This documentary can be used to inspire gospel centered conversations with your closest friends and neighbours.


$10 - $49 1 digital download of our completed film and a personal thank you note from the Theo’s Feast team.


$50 +  1 digital download, a personal thank you card, 4 miracle berries*, and a guide on how to start a spiritual conversation with a friend using a Miracle Berry and a lemon.


$100 +  1 digital download, a personal thank you card, 10 miracle berries, a spiritual conversation guide, and the recipe for one of our signature “Taste of Grace” desserts.  


$250 + 1 digital download, a personal thank you card, a set of 4 Light Bulb Glasses with 2 recipes from our U2 Feast (Mr MacPhisto’s Hot Lemon Tonic and Mr Mac Phisto’s Pineapple Punch), 4 miracle berries, and a Theo’s Feast Spiritual Conversation guide.


$500 + A set of 4 Light Bulb Glasses with 2 recipes from our U2 Feast, 10 miracle berries, and a video tutorial of how to prepare and share 3 of our Theo’s Feast signature dishes.


$750 + A set of 4 Light Bulb Glasses with 2 recipes from our U2 Feast, 10 miracle berries, and a personal cooking class with Chef Gary teaching you and your friends how to prepare your choice of 3 Theo’s Feast dishes.


$1000 + 2 tickets for an upcoming Theo’s Feast (in your area) and a personal coaching session for your choice of 5 recipes and how to host your own Theo’s Feast.  


$2500 + 25 miracle berries and a personal coaching session for you and your friends on how to host your own Theo’s Feast “Taste of Grace” themed dessert night.


$5000 + Our creative team will design a personalized Theo’s Feast for you and your friends inspired by your favourite food, and theme of your choice with your ingredients.


Thank you for partnering with us to make Theo’s Feast accessible to everyone who wants to host their own feast. We are excited to see what God will do as we inspire gospel centered conversations through shared meals everywhere.


Will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible through Power to Change.


What if I’m not interested in the incentive offered?

All incentives are optional. We will contact you about the incentive in your donation bracket.


What is a miracle berry?

*A miracle berry is a safe, natural berry from West Africa that contains a unique ingredient called miraculan that temporarily covers over the sour receptors in your tongue. Miracle berries are a wonderful edible metaphor that communicates the transformational power of God’s grace.

Miracle Berries.jpg

Lemon & Miracle Berry

It’s been a rare thing in my life to experience something both fabulously enjoyable and deeply meaningful at the same time. But on two separate occasions, that’s exactly what I’ve found with Theo’s Feast! I’ve had ‘Aha’ moments and been blown away with the experiences, and because of it, I’m beyond thrilled to be part of making the production of the Theo’s Feast video project come to pass. This is a project with the potential to reach many, deeply impact lives, and let people experience Biblical principles like never before.


Jake Bergen

Managing Producer

Power To Change Films

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