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Do you want to host your own Theo’s Feast? We’d love to help you.

Our most common feast is for approximately 30 guests. This creates an inviting atmosphere that inspires conversation without being too noisy, and is a good number for seating at most venues. It also allows a good balance of volunteer staff to guests, creating an efficient service and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. However, all of our feasts are flexible and can be designed to accommodate groups of all sizes. If you want to come up with something new, contact us and we can make it happen!



We can teach you how to cook your own Feast, or we can prepare it in our kitchen and bring it to you. A small kitchen is no obstacle to holding a Theo’s Feast. All our dishes are designed to be able to be done in a home kitchen by home cooks. If you prefer us to prepare the food, we will require some kitchen volunteers to help us with final cooking and plating of dishes but most of the work can be done beforehand leaving you free to be with your guests during the Feast.



We have a growing variety of themes to choose from including Seasonal, Science, and Rock and Roll inspired themes. Please visit our Feast theme page and let us know how we can design a theme for you and your event.


Theo’s Feast is very scalable. Our smallest group has been 12 people, and our largest group was a wedding reception with 120 guests. We have found 30 guests to be ideal, but we are always up to the challenge of a larger event and will work with you to make it a success.



The average 5 course feast is approximately $50 per person without rentals, and $60 per person with rentals. Tickets to Theo’s Feast are all-inclusive.



We have catered a variety of special events including board meetings and weddings, but we don’t do typical catering. All of our dishes are uniquely paired to stories to inspire deep conversations. Contact us to let us know what you have in mind and we can design a Feast paired to your group’s need and unique message.


We look forward to helping you put on a Feast!

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