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Mr MacPhisto's Hot Lemon Tonic

Do you know who I am? I know you better than you know your self... Mr MacPhisto, ZooTv Tour 1993

Photo Credit Rima Dickson

Congrats to Bono' for the release of his new book Surrender, 40 songs One Story. Since it is Halloween and the launch of this much anticipated memoir, I thought it would be a good time to give Bono a toast with some of Mr MacPhisto's Hot Lemon Tonic. An Iconic dish from our U2 Feast.

Mr. MacPhisto is Bono’s alter ego, he wears poorly applied mime make-up, a gold sequinned suit, gold platform shoes, and devils horns. During U2's ZooTv tour, Mr. Macphisto was famous for calling world leaders on the phone and mocking them on stage, basically saying that if the devil is your friend then you are as corrupt as the devil. He would also recite stories from C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters as if he was the devil himself. Pure theatrical genius!

"I get blamed for everything – all the wars, all the famine, all the trouble in the world, I get blamed for it. Even the Evening Herald slags me off." - Mr MacPhisto Sydney Australia ZooTv 1993.

This soup is inspired by the moment when Bono calls up a taxi service at a concert in Australia and says “I’m looking for a taxi to give me a ride home. I had a drink about an hour ago and it’s gone straight to my head. He then breaks into the song ‘Lemon’.

This is a delicious lemony chicken soup that has a nice kick from turmeric, ginger and Red Thai Chilli. It should be on the spicy side as it represents Mr. MacPhisto a.k.a. the devil. Thai Chillies are very hot, so start with a half a chilli and season to personal taste. Serve hot!

Serves 12 x 250 ml appetizer sized portions.


12 Martini Glasses as Martini's are Mr MacPhisto's favourite beverage. 1 large, heavy bottomed pot Citrus juicer Chef knife Garlic press Cutting board Sieve Latex gloves for handling the chilli pepper Blender Funnel Ladle


2” piece of fresh Turmeric or 2 tablespoons of powdered Turmeric if you can’t find fresh. 2 1/2 “ knob of fresh ginger. 4 large cloves of garlic 1/3 cup of fresh cilantro leaves 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves 1 Shallot, chopped. 1 Red Thai Chilli pepper 3 Lemons, juiced. Use Meyer lemons if available

2 Litres of Chicken stock 1 Litre of Coconut Milk 1 bunch of green onions 1 disk of Coconut sugar 1 table spoon of coconut oil.


  1. Finely chop ginger, turmeric and garlic; coriander, and shallot, and mix together in a bowl.

  2. Heat 1 table spoon of coconut oil in the pot on medium heat. Add the herb and garlic mixture and stirring constantly on medium heat for 10 mins.

  3. Add chicken broth, coconut milk, green onions, fresh basil and simmer for a min of 20 min. The longer it cooks the more flavourful it will be. For maximum flavour cook the day before and place in fridge overnight.

  4. Cut Chilli pepper in half and remove seeds (use gloves) and add to warm soup. Taste and add other half of Chilli if needed. It should be spicy.

  5. Puree in Blender in batches. Strain through sieve.

  6. Use a funnel to pour into lightbulb glasses (or bowls.) 250ml per person.

  7. Serve hot.

  8. If you are serving in a bowl you can garnish it with some Garlic flowers.


Copyright Gary Stevenson Theo’s Feast

Look what you’ve done to me
You’ve made me very famous, and I thank you
I know you like your pop stars to be exciting
So I bought… these

What's your favourite Macphisto moment?

For more information about Mr MacPhisto be sure to check out this fantastic fan page at:

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