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Religious Nuts, Political Fanatics, & Drunk Chickens

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

If you have spent any time with Gary, chances are he's talked to you about U2. They are one of his favorite bands and I suspect part of the reason for that is they approach music the way he approaches food, looking to tell a greater story through the medium they love. Over the years U2 has had a lot to say on a variety of subjects but one subject they come back to often is the idea of America vs the reality of America.

This year for the annual U2 Conference which was using the theme of America. Gary developed a dish on that theme. A dish that talked about the promise of what America could be and the journey it has taken over the years to get there. It's a great dish and we are so pleased to be able to share both the video and the recipe with our Theo's Feast fans and followers.

It's an especially important dish for the times we live in right now. We are on the verge of a landmark election that will determine for years to come what the shape and future of America will look like. So we invite you to join us as we dwell on the idea of America through the eyes of U2. You can find the video below and the recipe can be found at along with Gary's reflection on the dish at These links are not working.

Updated Oct 20, 2022: The original Google Doc can be found here: U2's American Pie Recipe

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