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Theo's "Best Pizza Ever!"? Virtual Feast

Join us at 1 pm this Saturday, November 14th for our Virtual Pizza Party.

I was recently asked to cater a week of lunch meetings for some Power to Change staff as a way to raise some funds for Theo's Feast. On the 4th day, I served a few of my family's favorite Pizzas. As guests were finishing their lunch, I went into the dining room to get a head start at cleaning up. I was very encouraged by the guest's comments, especially one guest who went out of his way to tell me that he thought it was the best pizza he has ever had. I was a little surprised by his response, so I thought I should clarify what he meant by that statement. I asked him how often he ate pizza? He surprised me once again by saying that pizza is one of his favorite foods and he eats it at least twice a week!

Join us this Saturday as we host a virtual cook along feast and I will share a few of my best Pizza recipes with you. Then you can make it and decide if it really is “The best Pizza ever!”

You can RSVP for this event at

It is free for Theo's Feast Academy members or $10 per person. The proceeds help support Theo's Feast through these unprecedented times.

Thank you for your support.

See you on Saturday!


The links to the recipes and video call will be sent to everyone who RSVPS.

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1 Comment

Gary Stevenson
Gary Stevenson
Nov 25, 2020

Great Pizza!

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